You touch your newborn’s skin and feel a surge of emotion at how soft it is. It’s like a piece of silk. However, it’s also very sensitive, so you must care for it as much as possible. This care starts with your choice of their clothes. It’s best if they’re made of soft fabric. How do you distinguish between what is and isn’t appropriate?

Wool or Acrylic?

  • You know without a doubt that nylon, polyester, and all industrial fabrics are inappropriate for your baby’s skin. They may cause sweating, sensitivity, and irritation.
  • However, exclude acrylic from this rule. Outerwear is often made from this; it doesn’t damage your child’s skin because it does not touch or directly affect it.
  • Wool clothing is the best choice for your child. Be careful, though, and choose soft wool that doesn’t cause itching.


  • If you want your child to feel comfortable, make sure they’re wearing soft cotton clothing night and day.
  • Remember when you choose these clothes that cotton doesn’t irritate the delicate, soft skin and prevents scratches and wounds, leaving room for the skin to breathe and absorbing its sweat. 

Our Advice to You

  • Make sure that your baby’s clothes aren’t too tight and choose loose pants and shirts for them.
  • Linen clothing is another good and healthy option for your child, especially when it’s hot outside. Be sure the cloth is thin, ensuring your child’s comfort and style at the same time.
  • To switch things up even more, you can buy your baby clothes made of silk, hemp, or any cloth with natural fibers. These fibers have anti-bacterial properties.